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An algebraic enigma wrapped in a mysterious, brooding environment. One Way Out is a (very) short virtual escape room created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 37.

Use WASD and Mouse to play. You may also want to grab a pen and paper to help yourself out!

As always, I bit off more than I could chew for a 48 hour game and things got slapped together and sort of fall apart towards the end!

As a compo entry, the source code is included. You can see traces of good code and forward thinking design... and then you can see 50 line coroutines that may aswell be named "DoGame()". The entire post processing stack is a garbage fire but there's some nuggets of interesting shader code buried in there as well for those interested.

Overall I'm really happy with this Ludum Dare entry. This is probably my favorite LD game I've ever made.

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One Way Out (Windows) 25 MB
Source Code (Unity Project File) 33 MB